The heartbeat
of the city

A vibrant neighborhood

53 West 53 is a reflection of the city at large: a vast and inspiring study in contrasts. Whether within its walls or beyond its windows, 53 West 53 offers an unparalleled New York experience—a sense of place and history, of possibility and excitement. 53 West 53’s central Midtown location offers direct access to the best of a rich cosmopolitan landscape, including international cultural institutions, landmark architecture, fine dining and nightlife, and world-class performing arts and entertainment.

Soaring above Moma

Connected to and towering above the world-famous Museum of Modern Art, the expressive and sculptural building stands as a fitting partner to the legendary museum. Its dramatic architecture takes its cue from the creative ethos of the modern art movement, articulating new possibilities of form, technique, and aesthetic expression.

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The essence of
New York

the building

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